For state-of-the-art products, Charles Owen needed a state-of-the-art factory. Its leading edge design resulted from the coming together of a number of creative teams.

You may not be surprised that the factory took its place alongside Charles Owen’s many products and won awards. The local Civic Trust identified the factory as a major contribution to the local community. A rare event, as it was the only commercial building to be chosen in over a decade.

Inside the huge space, workers are organised into small teams that create the product from start to finish. Quality is paramount, as any small error could cause a life threatening defect. Getting it right the first time, every time is the mantra of the production team.

With many companies finding it increasingly difficult to manufacture in Great Britain, Charles Owen has bucked the trend and announced its exciting expansion programme that includes the construction of an impressive new warehouse. As 2011 marks Charles Owen’s 100 year anniversary, it was a fitting time for the company to celebrate its centenary by creating the largest equestrian helmet manufacturer in the UK. The expansion enables the company to continue to grow its business globally, as the already internationally recognised brand exports nearly 70% of its British made products worldwide. The now 80,000 square foot premises are situated on Croesfoel Industrial Park, Wrexham.

Remember, if it says Charles Owen on the inside, then its made here.





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